Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Hello Mabel Bow.....

Time to meet Mabel. 
Cosy and cute hand knitted bows.

At the moment you can find these cute Mabel bow rings in the shop, but watch out for hair bows and later in the year ear warmers with large Mabel bows.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Hello Dolly Bow....

Next up in our bow intro's is the ditsy Dolly bows.

Quirky and bold limited edition printed cotton and vintage fabric bows. Machine sewn and lined with felt to ensure they keep their original shape.

These bows come in a range of pretty cotton fabrics. Nearly all are limited edition and I'll also take commissions from anyone who has a piece of fabric they may want turning into a bow (old shirt you cant bare to part with, want to match your bridesmaids??) More designs will be constantly added and all found here

Hello Betty Bow....

Did you see the post about our bows now having their own Etsy shop? (hello betty bow)
Well now I'm going to introduce our new range...

First up, meet the original....Betty!

Gorgeously bold and bright large felt statement bows. These bows were originally sold in our Etsy Stamp and Stitch shop but they've got a big for their boots and inspired the new shop dedicated to pretty bows.


Let me introduce you to "hello betty bow"

A new sister shop to Stamp and Stitch where all of our bows have toddled off too!

They got a bit too big for their boots so the time came for them to fly the nest and set up shop all on their own. All of the original S&S felt bows will now be here along with a lot more new designs to come.

You can find hello betty bow on Etsy here

You can follow HBB antics on twitter here

and please come and like the HBB Facebook page here

Watch out for a couple more blog posts showing you all the new bow based goodies that will be in stock!

Friday, 15 February 2013

Pretty Parcels...

I'm a terrible shopper! It seems hard to believe but I've realised that I'm always admiring from a far and creating lists of what I'd like but I very rarely actually buy many things.

I'm currently trying to make a dent in my favourites list on Etsy (this could take some time) I always add gorgeous things but when it comes to a shopping spree I always forget to get online and but some really nice Etsy treats. 

I've admired Ladybird Likes goodies for a long time and I met the lovely Zoe Jade at the Christmas Craftaganza in Brighton....and I still didn't get round to buying anything! (I've totally lost my shopping knack!)
So after a night of perusing and adding bits and bobbins to my Etsy basket I obviously got up from the computer and forgot to actually buy anything until the next day, but it was meant to be as I was just in time to grab an AMAZEBALLS goodie bag along with my purchases.

This exciting parcel turned up this week

I was mainly birthday present shopping so two of my purchases shall remain secrets....

I did however treat myself to this gorgeous sparkly heart brooch, just in time for Valentines!

How gorgeous is all of this packaging?

And how adorable is that scissors necklace?! Part of my goodie bag that I shall be wearing this weekend.

So if you're looking to treat yourself to some cute, vintage style jewellery then get yourself over to Ladybird Likes. I'll definitely be a returning customer (when I find my shopping mojo again)

Thank you Zoe!

Sunday, 3 February 2013

We're in the window!....

You know those Valentines cards that were printed here ?

Well they're now on sale here !

Such a cute window display, and so exciting to see and S&S card staring back out at you!

Thank you Mamasan!!

Friday, 1 February 2013

Pinch Punch....

The first of the month!
Ah it's February, time for all things loved up to be seen in shop windows. 
This year that includes a few of my cards!

I got this little order all printed, packed up and delivered, ready to be displayed next week. 
(I'll wait until they're actually out there and available to share where they are)