Monday, 19 November 2012

Now in store....

I am very excited to now be stocked at Sanderella's Boutique and Starbird Teahouse in Nelson, BC!

Stamp and Stitch Gmen are now adorning their gorgeous PINK christmas tree...

Bows, garlands and rain clouds are also in stock so if you're in Canada, around the Nelson area go and make a visit! (They have AMAZING cupcakes too :)

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Prepping and emailing.....

This week has been super busy. I've been planning everything that still needs to be made for this Christmas Brighton Craftaganza on the 8th December....and theres a lot! So theres been a lot of cutting and prepping so I can get stuck in every evening after the 9-5s over. Theres been some big bow orders too so they're flying out! 
(Betty was around for quality control yeah..)

Friday morning was more exciting than usual, a Stamp and Stitch bow was featured on an Etsy email!