Friday, 23 December 2011

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Table toppers....

The past two weeks have been full of Christmas fun and shopping at two lovely fairs in Brighton.
The first was at the Komedia, full of vintage Christmas music and mulled wine, you know just to help the shoppers along. Some gorgeous vintage and handmade stalls where I accidentally spent some of my takings....whoops....

The next was at yesterdays Craftaganza at Fabrica....
All of the stalls looked gorgeous, I shared with a wonderful artist, Andrew Crossey, so I only had to fill half of the table, which was good as I'd sold a lot at the first fair. The night before Craftaganza was a pretty late one making some more cool dudes to add to the gman collection...these little guys have been so popuar Im considering just a table full of them next Christmas!

Now the Christmas rush is over, I think it's nearly time to put down the needles for a little break....refresh and revive my fingers for next years new collections.

There's a lot of new designed and collections coming to S&S for 2012 so stay tuned for New Year news!

Happy Christmas!!

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Let the Christmas shopping commence....

Under a month till Christmas! 

I've been busy stitching and stamping away like a made thing for two Christmas fairs coming up within the next two weeks. I've been worried that I wouldn't get enough done so today I put everything together and low and behold I've got tons of stuff! Phew!...

Heres a little preview of some goodies I have ready....

And there'll be plenty more!

The first fair in next Sunday, 4th December, at Brighton Komedia, where I have my own table and then the following week at Craftaganza, on the 10th at Fabrica, where I'm sharing with a very talented artist selling hand printed cards and artwork, exciting stuff!

So if you're in or around Brighton you should definitely come along for a bit of crafty shopping, or just for some mulled wine and a piece of cake :)

Sunday, 30 October 2011

5 mins of fame....

What an exciting week for S&S, we found a little square of fame in Craftseller magazine!

These cloud mobiles have been really popular so it was really great to get one of them in print...

Orders having been increasing lately to it's been stitch, stitch, stitch at every available opportunity and there are two christmas fairs fast approaching to prepare for....phew!
I just had to go on a little shopping trip to stock up at Fabric Land , wow I love that shop! Too many bits and bobs that you always 'need' ;)

So now its clouds and Christmas goodies all the way, woohoo!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Just for you....

Blimey I haven't been on here for ages.....naughty naughty!

I've suddenly been really busy with custom orders and I'm really liking it. Some people come up with such great ideas and it's so nice to be able to make those ideas come to life for them. 

My last order was this really pretty cupcake topper set....

And I've has some sweet birthday orders too...

This was something a little bit different, some stall signs for Delectablecollectable, a brilliant new business venture which I hope to be doing some more work with in the this space!

My next commission is for a set of weather plushies, such a sweet idea! They'll look a little like this...

I better get on with them now!....

All custom orders can be made through my Etsy Shop or contact me on:

Sunday, 25 September 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like.....

This month I finally gave into the fact that in craft selling world, it's time to start preparing for Christmas. I'm usually moaning about how early the shops start having xmas stock in but now I've joined them! With the S&S Etsy shop to keep stocked and two Christmas fairs coming up I suppose it's a good idea to get on top of things so S&S HQ is now full of felt G.Men, stockings and tree's, lino cut puddings and looong Christmas 'to do' lists. 
I just hope I'm not sick of it all by the time the big day finally rocks up!

You can find all of these S&S Christmas goodies here, and find out all about up and coming fairs and events here

Friday, 2 September 2011

Friday Fav's #3

It's that time again, although I managed to miss payday because it was in the middle of the week, but still we all have time for a little weekend Etsy splurge :)

My Friday Fav's have a bit of theme this time round, that theme being cats :) What me? Talking about cats? Surely not?!


These little cuties are from an amazing vintage collection in RetroMeow (what a name). The shop owner, Amanda, became the owner of an extensive collection that her Grandma had accumulated. Luckily for us she now sells them through Etsy. I've got my eye on this cute pair of salt and pepper shakers. 

Next up is the work of Cathy Peng who combines her love art, cats and a  passion for all things kawaii into this cute brand.
Her illustrations remind are just so cute, there are so many gorgeous items I just can't decide, although if you get the cat with the tote bag then I'll go for that :)

Lastly, this shop just HAS  to be mentioned and must be the owners of the most obedient cat ever! CatAtelier make handcrafted cat outfits. I'm sure Betty would be climbing the walls if I tried to get her into a beret and lace bib but you've gotta love these beauties, who doesn't appreciate the sight of a cat in a top hat and bow tie?!

Have a puuurfect weekend......

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

A change of stitch....

I fancied a little change from the norm this weekend and had some spare fabric leftover from my stall so I hunted out an Etsy email that popped up a few weeks ago and gave it a try.

The video tutorial made a bit more sense to me than the written version, but it was sooo easy!

I made my very own skirt! and it works and everything :)

If you can stitch in a straight line then I recommend giving this a go, I think my winter wardrobe may have a few of these :)

Monday, 22 August 2011

Brunswick Festival 2011...

Stamp And Stitch had such a brilliant weekend!

I was getting a bit nervous to hold my own stall for the first time and I've been working so hard to get everything ready but it was so worth it.

The sun was shining all weekend and we had the nicest comments and customers.

It was so nice to be right outside our pad too, it made the tea and biscuit runs pretty easy :)

Thanks to everyone who came along to support us and thank you to all my new lovely customers!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

In the pink....

Things at S&S HQ have been very pink of late.....not a problem for me :)

I've been getting quite a through custom orders through for my bunting and bunting cards, this is one of my favourites....

I've got a two day stall at this years Brunswick festival which is now in less than three weeks! Eeeek! panic stations. I've been snipping, stitching and printing like a mad thing, theres bows and bunting everywhere, but I need more!! As soon as I'm home from the 9-5 I'm straight down to work, these next few weeks are going to be pretty full on but I'm really excited about my first stall :)

I finally got my hands on these beauties!! Mr P saw them posted on Facebook a while back and I've been stalking the Vans shop and Schuh ever since, they finally arrived last week and I practically ran to Schuh after work; shoes and Hello Kitty?!........I'm in heaven :)

I've been wanting to make these for ageeees! and then I saw that a lovely blog I follow (LittlePeaches) made a big rainbow cake so I had to get going on these rainbow vanilla cupcakes, so pretty and sooo yummy...nom nom nom

Right I'm off back to the work station.....any elves out there fancy a job before the xmas rush?